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New Jersey Lash Extension Artist Offers Free Consultations

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Google reported 883,000 searches per month for eyelash extensions in 2018. During the past six months, there have been 2.2 million searches for lash salons in the tri-state area, according to Today.

As an esthetician and owner, Ash Santiago believes communication is vital to her career. She wants to help clients achieve the look they desire, in addition to creating long-term relationships with them.

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New York – In 2018, US-based Google searches for the term Eyelash Extensions were trending and averaging about 883,000 per month. Fast forward to today and searches for the same term are now averaging 2.2M searches per month. Eyelash extensions have sprung their own industry and continue to attract a wide demographic ranging from 18 to 34-year-old women. Lash studios have started to pop up across the tri-state area prompting many women to research where to find the best place for eyelash extensions.

“We want to set the tone for the client’s experience even before they set an appointment. We are entrusted with helping them achieve the look they want and to make sure they understand the whole process from start to finish,” said Santiago. “We want to create not just a one-time customer but one we can develop a long-term relationship with.”

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