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Merrill Lynch Employees Fired After Racist Riots and Tossed Drinks

Police said the man yelled at them and demanded that they know who made the smoothie. Smoothies contain peanuts, which caused an allergic reaction in children.

Fairfield, Connecticut — A man in Connecticut was charged and fired after beating a smoothie shop employee and showing in a viral video that he was using a racial slur.

According to police, James Ian Nazzo entered the Roberts store in Fairfield after his son had to go to the hospital. Earlier in the day, he claimed that his son received a drink containing peanut butter and caused a severe allergic reaction.

An employee recorded a video of the incident and posted it on TikTok on Saturday.

In the video, Ian Nazzo demanded to know who made the smoothie, and when the employee couldn’t tell him, the man got angry, yelled at the employee, and used a lot of explosives. rice field.

At one point he is seen throwing a drink at an employee. He can also hear comments towards employees who are referencing their immigration status.

Police said they received many calls from employees from the store. The employee said the customer was throwing things, yelling at the employee and refusing to leave.

The employee told Ianzo to leave many times, but he stayed in the store and continued to insult the employee.

Police said the man tried to open the locked door, leading the employee to an “employee-only” area behind the counter. Iannazzo left the store before the police arrived.

After he was identified, he left himself to the authorities and told police that he was angry that his son had a severe allergic reaction, and as a result he returned to the store.

In a statement by a lawyer, Ian Nazzo said his actions were wrong and he deeply regretted them.

“I made a disappointing comment because my 17-year-old son was taken to the hospital in a life-threatening anaphylactic shock. After my advice, he drank a Robeks smoothie containing some nut products of ours. Fallen at home. They were allergic to his nuts when I ordered his drink. “

Ian Nazzo said his son lost the ability to breathe after starting to drink the smoothie, collapsed in the bathroom, and needed to take at least two doses from EpiPen before the first responders arrived.

“Thank God, he’s okay. I want to thank my wife and the first responder I believe saved his life,” he said. “This is the worst nightmare of all parents whose children have similar allergies.”

According to police, employees reported that Iannazzo never told them about peanut allergies, but only demanded that his drinks be free of peanut butter.

“When I returned to Rovex, I was crazy for fear of him. I wish I hadn’t. I’m glad they were preparing my son’s drink more carefully,” he said in a statement. .. “I personally apologize to the Lovex organization, especially the staff who worked there that night.”

Merrill Lynch, where Ian Nazzo was hired, confirmed that he had been fired.

“We do not tolerate this type of behavior,” the company said in a statement. “We immediately investigated and took action. This individual is no longer employed by our company.”

Iannazzo was arrested and charged with prejudice or prejudice-based intimidation, insecurity and first-class criminal intrusion. He was issued February 7th Sunrise Court Day.

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Merrill Lynch employees fired after racist riots and tossed drinks

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